Landscape Lighting


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Landscape lighting provides beauty, safety and security to your home or business. We incorporate the architectural features of the structure with the beauty of the landscape to come up with a nighttime work of art that will make your home or office as beautiful during the evening as it is during the day.

We only use high quality low voltage lights in our landscape lighting. Low voltage lighting is cost effective, safe, and flexible. Low voltage lighting uses half the energy of traditional 120V lights while producing the same amount of candle power. Because low voltage lighting is only 12 volts, it is extremely safe. Wire connections can be made under water without the fear of electrocution. Low voltage lighting is also extremely flexible because there is no need for electrical conduit and junction boxes that will limit movement of the lights.

We will be happy to set up a no cost demonstration to show the effects and beauty that can be achieved with landscape lighting. We do not set our fixtures permanently until you are satisfied with the overall appearance of your property.